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Business Development Director


Job Type: Full-Time

The Business Development Director is a critical leadership role within the company, responsible for driving sales growth, managing the sales and business development teams, and developing strategic sales plans targeting the ranching community. This position requires a strategic thinker with strong leadership skills and the ability to execute plans to achieve ambitious revenue targets. The Business Development Director will work closely with senior leadership to align sales strategies with overall business objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Sales Strategy and Planning:

• Develop and implement strategic sales plans to achieve company revenue targets.

• Analyze market trends and identify opportunities for growth within the ranching market.

• Set sales targets and ensure they are met or exceeded.

Team Leadership and Development:

• Lead, manage, and motivate the sales and business development teams to achieve high performance.

• Provide coaching, training, and professional development opportunities for team members.

• Conduct regular performance reviews and implement improvement plans as needed.

Dealer and Territory Management:

• Create and oversee dealer scoring, territory planning, and dealer join planning.

• Ensure dealerships operate at peak performance levels, fostering a culture of growth and opportunity.

• Identify and capitalize on lucrative sales prospects within designated territories.

• Understand the dealer network, using the business development team to grow our partners.

Client Relationship Management:

• Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients and stakeholders.

• Identify and pursue new business opportunities and partnerships.

• Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Sales Operations and Performance Management:

• Oversee the sales operations, ensuring efficient and effective processes.

• Monitor sales performance metrics and provide regular reports to senior management.

• Implement sales incentives and recognition programs to drive performance.

• Ensure all leads are promptly and effectively managed.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

• Collaborate with marketing, product development, and other departments to align sales strategies with overall business goals.

• Provide feedback to other departments on market trends and customer needs.

• Participate in cross-functional meetings and contribute to strategic planning.

Budget and Resource Management:

• Develop and manage the sales department budget.

• Allocate resources effectively to maximize ROI.

• Ensure cost-effective operations within the sales department.

Business Development Focus:

• Leverage a large database of contacts to identify and pursue new business opportunities within the ranching market.

• Stay updated on ranching trends, competitor activities, and customer needs.

• Oversee the entire sales process from new lead to deal closure.

Meeting Rhythms:

Daily Huddle: Facilitate daily check-ins to discuss progress, challenges, and priorities.

Weekly Sales Meeting: Review sales performance, discuss strategies, and address any issues.

Monthly Strategy Review: Evaluate sales strategies and adjust plans based on performance and market conditions.

Quarterly Business Review: Present sales results to senior leadership and discuss future strategies.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

• Sales revenue and growth rate.

• Achievement of sales targets and quotas.

• Customer acquisition and retention rates.

• Sales team performance and productivity.

• Profitability and ROI of sales initiatives.

• Booked sales

• Forecasted sales

• Rolling average dealer revenue

• Dealer net promoter score

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